SV Restless


Sand blasting in the shed. I contracted this out to a guy who'd done a number of commercial boats, and he was good. Went through about 15,000 lbs of black beauty, 2/3 rds of that on the interior. I cut a hole in the side of the keel, and when he finished the interior on the second day I went in and spent all night shoveling sand to the low point and letting it run out of the hull by itself. Then swept, then shop vac... burned up one shop vac in the process, but considered it expendable anyway, knowing that the sand would ruin it. That 3rd morning put a heavy coat of devoe 302, zinc rich epoxy, on the whole interior, then did the same thing to white metal on the exterior. The interior was much more difficult and tedious, because of the flanges of all the angles, and all the flat bar... the exterior is just big surfaces. No section ever went more than 12 hours before it got coated, and I was very fortunate to have a cool, dry week to do it. Next