SV Restless


The faired hull, with 3 coats of awlgrip 545 over everything. I knew it would still be a while before launch (in fact, it was 15 years) so I mixed gray and white primer together equally to make a lighter holding coat. I tapered off the fairing below the water line. Note the pile of 2 man, 4 handled long boards on the staging in lower left of picture. We started with 36 grit on those and ended up at 220. It's hard to say how much fairing compound is on the hull; the biggest low was no more than a strong 1/8", but you have to put it on heavy and then take it off down to the 3rd or 4th prime coat on the hull... when you start seeing that color on the hull, it's time to stop and reapply if you're not fair yet. Most of it ends up on the floor. Next