SV Restless


The interior looking aft, with +- 7 coats of epoxy (devoe 235) all done in different colors, using mirrors to get the back side of the frames, etc... a real painful and tedious process. I had an external air supply while I did this, and used a 2 gallon pressure pot, which meant a lot of hoses to drag around. I couldn't have a helper because I didn't have a second external air supply, and I couldn't ask any one else to breathe that stuff. Trying to overcoat within 24 hours so I wouldn't have to sand between coats meant just going and going and going for about 2 weeks straight, and it was a burnout. But in this shot we're there, and the hull cleats are on... good honduran mahogany bought when a big lumber yard went under, coated with 2 coats of west and through bolted with stainless 1/4-20s to the frames, all set in 5200. I had punched 1200 hole in all the frames earlier, before plating. Next