SV Restless


Foaming done (I sprayed urethane to the depth of the frames, about 2 1/2", down to the sole), then did what was probably the single worst job on the whole project... applying 2 coats of hypalon, a rubber roofing paint, as a fire retardant for the foam. The stuff was unbelieveably nasty, even with a big squirrel cage blower blowing in the forward hatch, and another one at the companionway blowing out, and with an external air supply, it was horrible. Add to that mixing the stuff and dragging all those hoses around, alone, and it was truly miserable. But I was young and foolish. I left the blowers going night and day, and it was 3 days before I could go below with a dual cartidge respirator, and 2 weeks before I could go below with out one. But it did eventually cure, the smell went away, and now I can hold an open flame to the painted foam and nothing happens. Next