SV Restless


The builder on the right, my good friend Ted Carr on the left. With 2 other guys, Ted built a 56' ketch in the 70's, then he and his wife ran a Boothbay Challenger and a Hinckley 64 down island for about 10 years, then he came back to this area and has been a boatbuilder, both new and repair, ever since. He's made half a dozen or so round trips to the Carribbean. He's primarily a big boat systems guy, but he's seen it all and can do it all, including wood, electrical, paint, and glass. I've known him for 30 years, and he's worked with me Saturdays for the last 2 winters. There's no question that without him I never would have made this year's launch, which I had to do to save the mooring. There's also no question that without him the systems wouldn't be as good as they are. Next