SV Restless


Charlie Martin e-mailed me this picture, of Sandy breaking the Moet Chandon, and he called me the wednesday before launch, just to ask how I was doing. I said I was fine, still going flat out like the hammers of hell, and he explained how when he launched the 28' boat he built, that in the final 2 days before launch he slowly became a basket case ... drilling holes 1/2" off, cutting too short, etc.... and that if his brother-in-law hadn't shown up he never would have gotten the boat in the water. I kind of said, nah, I'm fine, and then went back to work, drilling holes 1/2" off, cutting too short, etc. By Thursday afternoon the boys kind of took over, and I pretty much was forced to stop trying to do anything substantive, for fear of screwing it up. They were still hanging cabinet doors as the truck moved towards the ramp. Next