SV Restless


This is a little later, with the first of many covers. This framework worked well, the press braked pieces are welded to stainless pipe which goes in the stanchion sockets and holds the 2 x 4 uprights. But the blue poly is a disaster, because it's hard to get it tight enough, and UV eats it up. Over the course of many iterations, I slowly discovered that the secret to a good shed is tension... the tighter you can get it, the less the wind can can move it around and shake it to death. For several years I'd put a new piece of blue poly under the old one, and let the old piece take the UV degradation, but I later built a much better, free standing shed (20' x 20' x 60') and covered it with 18 oz. vinyl, the kind of stuff used for tarps on over the road trucks. This stuff was great, but I needed a crane to get it up to the ridge pole... lay it out on the lawn, fold it up accordian style with lines on the 4 corners, and have the crane lift the 300+ lbs up there, then pull the 4 strings, unfold it, and fasten it down. That was good and lasted 5 years, but then the UV got to it and it wouldn't shed snow anymore, so I shrink wrapped the whole thing and have been using shrink wrap ever since. The shrink wrap on my smaller shed (12' x 12' x 24') for my center console lasts 5-6 years in New England weather, and we're right on the water so it really gets beaten up by those winter nor'easters. Next